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Copy To Clipboard

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Copy text to clipboard

Just as it says on the tin, this add-on functionality enables you to easily transfer data from the spreadsheet to your clipboard while your project is running. All you need to do is connect the function to the desired cell containing either text or a calculation result and then configure one of our control components to serve as the trigger. It's as simple as that!

One user was using Squirrel to construct a SQL statement based on people's selections. However, they noticed that it was not possible to copy and paste the text from the spreadsheet within the published Squirrel project. Consequently, they approached our developers to find a solution tailored to their use case. As a result, our team came up with the Copy to Clipboard add-on that allows the user to add a button that saves the data from a single cell to the clipboard.

This add-on opens a lot of avenues for app development - here are a few ideas:

• Copy image/ website URLs
• Copy randomly generated codes, OTPs etc.
• Copy results from extensive calculations

This small utility can greatly improve your projects by providing shortcuts and user-friendly interactivity that enhance the user experience.

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Last Updated 
April 5, 2024
Compatible with  
Squirrel v1.10+