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Gradient Background

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Create beautiful gradients

Move over flat design... gradients are making a comeback.

Gradients are featuring more and more in modern user interfaces and app design. And now, with the gradient background add-on, you can easily add them to your squirrel projects.

With gradients, you can

  • Add dimension and realism to a design.
  • Make objects stand out and bring depth to an image.
  • Create new colour combinations that feel modern and unique
  • Make eye-catching and memorable features

Try soft colours for a subtle background. Or add a fun, funky vibe with bold colours. Use gradients to make a big impact—without being visually overwhelming

In a sea of online content, you need to find a way to stand out. Gradients are a great way to do it. Simply select from one of the preset gradients or customize your own.

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Last Updated 
February 27, 2024
Compatible with  
Squirrel v1.10+