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Input Manager

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Dynamically change which cells are affected by input controls

With the Input Manager, you can conveniently use a single set of input controls to enter data for various ranges in the spreadsheet, making this feature particularly beneficial in designing intelligent forms. For instance, if you have multiple products that require editing or updating, you can create an input form in Squirrel, which can modify the values assigned to a particular product.

By using the Input Manager, you can eliminate the need for copying the form controls for each product, as you can dynamically map which product is being updated via the form:

  • Manage values for single cells, rows or columns
  • Update the data in real time as values change
  • Or configure a trigger cell to control when the update should happen.
  • Index-based - you control which row/column to update
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Last Updated 
April 24, 2024
Compatible with  
Squirrel v1.10+