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Generate a QR code from the data in your project

Add QR codes to your Squirrel project with this add-on component from the Squirrel team.
Generate unique codes based on values in your spreadsheet and choose what should happen when they are scanned.
Have your QR code do things like:

  • Open URL
  • Start SMS
  • Create calendar entry
  • Create contact
  • Start an email
  • pinpoint a location on a map
  • more....

Did you know? QR stands for “Quick response” which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the code.

QR codes are gaining in popularity because of their versatility. Use them to gather feedback to improve your products or services or increase customer engagement with images or videos, All of these can be done with just a single scan!

To use simply choose the type of QR code required and enter the information needed in the fields that appear. This could be a link, contact information, text or any other type of info. You can even generate dynamic QR codes by binding to data that changes in the spreadsheet.

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Last Updated 
March 2, 2024
Compatible with  
Squirrel v1.10+